God’s Fisherman came about when one day while watching tv, it struck me that God seemed to be appearing more often openly in popular programs particularly Reality TV.  It struck me that while as Christians we are constantly being bombarded by the media about how  Christianity  is under attack in America and that Christianity was a negative connotation, their were those brave enough to openly display their belief in God for all to see.  But, mainstream media was still trying their best to repeat any quotes from these individuals when reporting on them.  One day while sitting and doing my devotions, I felt as I heard God telling me that I needed to do my part in helping get his message out and to create a website that would draw attention to the examples I had seen on tv.

Christianity may have been attacked a lot recently but I believe as Christians we have an opportunity to change the tide of public opinion.  The more that everyday individuals profess their faith in God and openly pray on Reality TV and public individuals such as athletics openly display their faith in God as well, the more non-believers will be exposed to our wonderful and glorious God.  Jesus commanded us all to be Fisher’s of Men and to bring his message to all.

Fisher of Men


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