God’s Story: A Foster Child’s Story

The Olympics have started and I’m watching as much of it as I can.  I look forward to the Summer Olympics every 4 years.  It may be because I ran track and cross country and high school.  I just wish more Americans would follow and support the Olympics.  I have also been very very busy with work which is good so I’ve been a little off on posting on this blog.

This blog was created to show how different public individuals such as television shows, actors/actresses and professional athletes are opening showing their faith for God and being Fishers of Men for God in the USA where Christians are being attacked more and more.  This week though, I’m going to do some self publicity.

I have spent several years off and on working on my life story.  It took so long because I just couldn’t figure out how I should proceed when writing it.  Who would actually want to read my life story and what should the purpose of the book be.  Within the past  6 months while listening to a sermon at church, it struck me that my story is not my own but God’s Story.  Another Sunday, the pastor was talking about a new Foster Parent program they were working on starting.  My questions were answered how what I had to do.  So I finished my book with the idea that it would help others by showing that my life story was God’s Story thus the title God’s Story: A Foster Child’s Story.

This past week my book became available on Amazon.  I pray that it helps those who have been not only associated with the foster family system as children or parents but also to those who have had tough times in their life and that I can be a Fisher of Men for God.

” This book is being written from the viewpoint and experiences of a foster child and how I was able to be born into a traumatizing environment that affected me all of my life but because of a strong Christian foster family, I came to Christ as an adult.  Current foster children, those who experienced life as a foster child, potential foster parents and current foster parents can all benefit from this book.  The main thing to remember is that there is always hope and the ability to succeed no matter the situations but only if you remember that it isn’t your life story but God’s story”  It can be purchased at this link Amazon.com


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