Olympian Jennifer Nichols Shooting Straight for God

I am running behind on posts and the Olympics are only 7 days away.  Work has been crazy and that is no excuse for not keeping up with my blog.  So keeping up with my Olympic theme of Christian Olympians, this week’s athlete is Jennifer Nichols.

Jennifer Nichols is a 28 year old Archer who recently announced that she didn’t even have her first kiss until she was 27 years old.  She saved that for the person who she was going to marry and she became engaged at the age of 27. “I saved my first kiss for the man I knew I was going to marry – my fiancé. I made that commitment when I was about 13-years-old,”  Christian Post  She goes beyond the normal thought of saving one self for marriage because her priority is being a woman of God.  “I knew that I wanted to save my kiss on top of purity. I felt like a kiss was something very special and I wanted to save that.”  

This is Jennifer’s 3rd Olympics and wants to use her talents to glorify God.  She doesn’t know what God’s ultimate plan for her is but she is confident that God has a plan for her and looking forward to the journey while glorifying God at the same time.  When shooting her bow, she speaks quietly to herself, “Praise be to the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle.” “I memorize a lot of scripture to recite while I’m shooting. I carry a little book in my quiver that has Bible verses that I memorize as I’m walking back and forth to the target. And sometimes I’ll recite them while I’m on the line shooting. It plays a large part.”  USAToday

Jennifer met her future husband while attending college in 2009 and he is a devout Christian as well.  They are looking to get married on  September 1.

Jennifer Nichols joins other Christian Olympians who are using their God given talents to glorify Him and follow his commands.  She will be a great Fisher of Men at the Olympics where I recently read, sex runs rampant so much that 100,000 condoms have been ordered for the Olympic Village.


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