Adrian Gonzalez – Swinging Psalm 27:1 For God’s Homerun

Adrian Gonzalez steps to the plate in Boston with his bat sporting Psalm 27:1 which is “The Lord is my light and my salvation—whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life—of whom shall I be afraid?”  Gonzalez was traded to the Boston Red Sox this year and immediately he become a force for being Fisherman of God.

Gonzalez first became a Christian in 2003 shortly after marrying his middle school sweetheart. Since then his #1 passion and focus has been on God.  “Nothing is mine,” Gonzalez said. “Everything is God’s; everything is Christ’s. No matter what you do, no matter what you obtain, it’s all earthly. It’s not godly.”  Since arriving at Boston, the team’s Sunday chapel service has increased and he insists on doing bible studies with the team when they are on the road.  And due to his influence, the Red Sox hosted their first Faith Night in 30 years.  Gonzalez and several of his teammates shared their testimony to the crowd.  

When Gonzalez is at bat, “There is no pressure,” Gonzalez says. “My stats don’t matter. I’m just trying to use this platform to bring people to Christ.”  Gonzalez’s website states, “I want to be a disciple of Christ and follow his teachings as well as draw others to follow and dedicate their life to Jesus Christ. Everyday is a new challenge and opportunity to make a difference. Life, baseball and everything is God given and if not for him we wouldn’t be here. That is the reason I will have a weekly bible quotes, and links to the churches and organizations that have helped me with my walk with the Lord.” Gonzalez Website

In the world of professional athletes who are typically viewed as money hungry, partying, and egotistical, Gonzalez has his focus in the right place of being a Fisherman for God.


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