Lizard Lick Towing TruTV – Operated by an Ordained Minister

Lizard Lick Towing is another reality television show with Christian ties.  At first glance viewers wouldn’t guess that the 6’5″ tattoo beach blond hair owner of Lizard Lick Towing, Ron Shirley is an ordained minister.  His co-owner and wife Amy is a champion weight lifter.  Ron holds himself accountable for his actions even on television and initially turned down Wife Swap.  ” He points out that in all the dozens of rough-and-tumble TV episodes he’s done over the years, he’s never once been seen cussing or throwing a punch”  Ron’s job is to repossess vehicles but he does have a soft heart for those down and out.  He holds a barbecue every year for those who’s vehicle’s he had to repossess.

Ron realized that he was going down the wrong path and had wasted his life so far when he picked up the Bible one day and began to read it again.  He had run from God since he was 18 and was awoken to the fact that he was lost.  The following page on his website tells in depth about this awakening.Ron’s Revelation  “We stop in the fields, homes, and workplaces to preach the gospel and bring one sheep at a time back across that pasture. We go into the hills with the protection of our God and snatch victory form the well clamped claws of the enemy’s grip.”

Ron and Amy still work 65 hours a week and don’t view themselves as celebrities.  As Ron puts it “we’re just good ole’ country folk. God opened up the door and we walked in.” And one of his Ronisms, ” “But being on TV don’t make you important any more than being born in an oven makes you a biscuit.”  Ron looks at every time that he arrives to do his job is another opportunity to witness about Jesus and salvation.

Ron works in an industry where the customer is going to angry and hostile, placing his well being at risk almost every time.  But he has the peace of God within him and sees every job as a way to speak to those who are lost and downtrodden in this world.  He has used what God has given him to be a Fisher for Men just as God has commanded.



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