Joe Gibbs – Develop Your Game Plan For Life

I usually spend some time every week researching ideas for this blog and once in awhile I come across an unexpectant gem.  This week was Joe Gibbs’ personal website, Game Plan For Life.   Joe’s 2009 best selling book covers 11 topics from the Bible that men should be aware of.  He goes beyond the book though and has a full set of materials to supplement the book which include: Group Study Guide, Joe’s Chalk Talks Devotional, Game Plan for Life Bible and New Testament Bible.  The Bible is FREE to anyone that likes Joe Gibbs on Facebook and fills out the delivery form.

For those of you who do not know who Joe Gibbs is; he is probably the most famous head coach in the history of the Washington Redskins winning 3 Superbowl titles and is a member of the Football Hall of Fame.  Joe also owns Joe Gibbs Nascar racing team which includes Denny Hamlin, Kyle Busch, Joey Lagano and others.  He has always been known for his hard work ethic and openess about his Christian Faith.  From his website, “Serving others through Christian ministry has always been close to Joe Gibbs’ heart.

Joe Gibbs has been involved with professional football and Nascar where Christian beliefs are not typically priority one.  These arenas are filled with individuals out for their own personal gains in every aspect of life and the fans indulge in excessive drinking, foul language and worshiping their team or driver.  Gibbs though remained true to his Christian belief that the head coach is always God and the playbook for life is the Bible and making both a priority in life will help people to live successfully.

Be sure to check out Joe Gibbs’ website and share it with others.  It is a good resource to send your non-believing sports fans to that isn’t an in your face type of religious site.  If nothing else, everyone likes something free and maybe your friends will take advantage of the FREE Bible.


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