Nabila Haniss from A&E Storage Wars

I am an avid fan of the show Storage Wars on A&E and would think it would be fun to actually do it for a living.  It is one of the more popular shows currently on TV currently and one of the newer individuals on the show i is Nabila Haniss.  Just from watching the show, it would be difficult to tell if someone was a Christian or not but I got an answer to the question recently on Facebook.  I follow the show and individuals from the show and the day before Easter Nabila Hanniss posted the following:

A Happy Easter to my Christian friends! A Happy Passover to my Jewish friends! And to my Atheist friends..Good luck. : )

I’ve had that thought in my mind a lot recently concerning my unbelieving friends.  Do they really want to take that chance that God does not exist?  I know that my Lord lives and couldn’t imagine even risking the fact that I would not be spending eternity in Heaven.

Nicely stated Nabila, wish I had thought of posting that.


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